How to search for independent sales reps on CommissionCrowd

CommissionCrowd is a powerful networking community that makes it easy for independent sales reps to search for relevant sales opportunities, make first contact with your company and apply to work with you. However, we also give our company members the ability to carry out detailed searches to find the best reps and take a proactive approach by reaching out to agents you feel are a good fit for your opportunity.

Understanding how to optimize your search criteria will give you a considerable advantage when building your sales team. It's not rocket science but is important to get right. This article will show you how to do this easily.

Set Your Mindset

Independent sales reps build portfolios of products/services that fit into their existing networks and compliment their daily efforts to maximize sales opportunities while reducing workload. Understanding that these sales professionals work with multiple companies at any one time is important when starting your journey into building a network of reps that work happily with you. If you haven't read our eBook yet we highly advise taking a few minutes to read through it: How To Build Successful Partnerships With Freelance Sales Agents On A Commission-Only Basis

How To Optimize Your Search For Independent Sales Reps

When using CommissionCrowd to search for independent sales reps it's a great strategy to reach out to sales agents that already have contacts within your target industries and not necessarily limiting your search and outreach efforts to those that work solely in your industry.

For Example:

If your company manufacturers safety clothing for use in the workplace, you should not limit your search to agents that work in clothing sales. Instead you should start reaching out to agents that already have contacts with your target customers. This means starting conversations with agents in fields such as Construction , Medical or even Aviation sales for example.


It's simple, these sales people already have contacts within the companies you are hoping to sell into. A sales rep that sells construction equipment or supplies can easily add your product line to their portfolio and will be able to promote your products to the people they already do business with.

Setting The Tone Of Conversation

When making first contact with a sales rep who knows little or nothing about your products or services you want to make it easy for that person to see the value in adding your offering to their portfolio.

We recommend having a thorough read of that persons profile and taking a conversational approach in which you introduce yourself and explain how you feel that your opportunity would be a great fit for their portfolio.

When Will Sales Agents Respond?

*Recent engagement stats

One of the great things about independent sales agents is that they won't waste your time unless they see a true opportunity to bring you business. We do everything in our power to encourage agents to respond, even a "thanks but no thanks" is better than nothing which is why we've also implemented a quick reply feature into our messaging system.

Remember, the very best independent reps are out and about doing business every single day and building their networks. They simply can't respond to every message. This is why it's important to send well crafted and thoughtful messages to them. You need to capture their attention and show them quickly the benefit you see in potentially working together. 

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