You've found the perfect independent sales agent on CommissionCrowd and now it's time to reach out and start a dialogue that leads to a successful working partnership. 

This short article will give you our top 3 tips to ensure that your messages stand out from the rest and attract the best agents to work with your company.

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Three ways to get great response rates from agents:

  1. Before sending a message, read the sales agent's profile thoroughly to ensure you get a good feel for what they are looking for in an opportunity. 
  2. When sending your first message you want to be personable and build rapport with that person first. Remember, CommissionCrowd is a networking platform, you wouldn't walk into a live networking event and ask someone to work with you without building rapport and becoming familiar with each other first. 
  3. As the conversation develops, explain why you feel that person would be a good fit for your sales opportunity and that you'd like the opportunity to speak with them in further detail. But always get to know the person first and understand what types of opportunities they are looking for currently.

Avoid copy and paste generic messages to multiple agents. It's very obvious when this happens and it demonstrates that you haven't taken the time to read their profile. Be personal and you'll see results much faster.

Important Note:

You have to remember that agents are out and selling every single day. Generally they work with multiple companies at one time (as part of their portfolio) and - like sending someone a message on Linkedin - that person may not always reply if they aren't interested or the opportunity isn't a fit for what they are looking for at that precise moment. 

CommissionCrowd is a networking platform and finding the right sales partner can take time. Put yourself out there, strike up conversations, be personable and show an interest in the person rather than simply asking them to work with you straight away. Companies that do this see the best results.

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