Getting started with CommissionCrowd is easy! Simply follow our 'How It Works For Companies' guide or follow the steps below to start building your independent sales team.

Step 1: Register and complete the sales opportunity registration form ---> Sign Up

We then review your sales opportunity and contact you to give feedback and guidance so it's as attractive to sales reps as possible. After we're happy your opportunity is attractive and positioned correctly.

Step 2: Complete payment to activate your account and start connecting with self-employed sales professionals

Once your company's sales opportunity has been approved and your membership has been paid for, your account becomes live and sales opportunity activated. 

Your account is now active and fully searchable by sales agents. You are also now able to search and contact the agents you wish to work with directly.

You begin reaching out and having meaningful conversations with top performing, 100% commission-only sales professionals globally.

Step 3: Start working with your perfect sales agents anywhere in the world

Your conversations with sales reps have now progressed and you choose the agents you want to contract with and approve them in app.

CommissionCrowd gives you the ability to easily manage multiple remote working partnerships with the sales agents you choose to add to your team.

You're able to communicate instantly, provide training materials and important documents for your agents to instantly access without having to wait for emails or login to 3rd party software. Raise invoices, manage your sales pipeline, never have to rely on manual reporting of sales activity again.

Step 4: Pay your sales agents their commissions quickly and easily when new business closes

When your sales agents closes new business for your company you pay their commissions directly through CommissionCrowd plus an additional 1% commission to us (coming soon).

Easy, cost effective, quick and all taken care of for you.

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