We understand that it can be a daunting process for companies who are new to working with self-employed, independent sales agents for the first time. That's why when you join CommissionCrowd you're never alone! It's our job to ensure that all of our members are as successful as possible when joining us.

Here's how we help:

After registering and submitting a draft of your independent sales opportunity you'll be contacted by one of our experienced sales advisers who will discuss your opportunity in detail and provide detailed insight into what makes for an attractive sales opportunity.

You'll speak with independent sales experts right from the very start:

All of our own sales advisers have been recruited by CommissionCrowd on CommissionCrowd and will not only be able to answer all of your questions about our service, but also any you may have relating to working with independent sales partners.

Speaking with our sales reps right from the very start will give you a feel for the quality of sales professionals that will be working with your company too!

Customer Success Journey (CSJ)

But we don't stop there. With a 'Pro Membership' you'll gain exclusive access to our 'Customer Success Journey' program or CSJ as we like to call it. It's a program that's been specifically designed to guide you from day one with us, right up until you have your very first independent sales partner working with you... and beyond.

You'll be allocated a dedicated customer service representatives who will provide a review of your sales opportunity as well as provide guidance, tips or techniques to ensure that your company secures the very best sales agents.

Live assistance:

We've integrated live assistance feature into CommissionCrowd. It works like an intercom system whereby you will always be able to reach a member of our team should you need to.

Independent sales opportunity template:

In addition to live assistance we have published a template that will help you to create the perfect sales opportunity when joining CommissionCrowd. It's important to take the time to ensure your sales opportunity is as attractive as possible. You can view the independent sales opportunity template here

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